Return to the Table - EXCERPT


Greetings. I am the Narrator for this story. Although you don’t think you know me, it doesn’t mean that I am not aware of you. As the events of this drama unfold, you can be certain that I have been in your midst; you just hadn’t noticed. Nevertheless, this is not about me. I am only here to inform, enlighten and advise you of the events, which have and will occur.
This particular story is about a leader in your church named Christian. He once delighted in the favor of the Lord, the Shepherd. You knew him well. He was successful, respected, and often envied by some in your congregation, so you might not believe what happened to him, if he didn’t tell you himself. Oh, Christian had been warned, but he didn’t heed it.
Before continuing, I must tell you that a similar situation occurred with another leader in your congregation, and she too was named Christian. She wasn’t as celebrated as he was, yet she was a faithful and busy worker. She knew him, he knew her. They were often in competition with each other; however, they considered it ministry.

Let’s listen in on any given Sunday.

Scene I.

The Church Foyer

In the church foyer one Sunday after service, Brother Christian meets up with Sister Christian. They were close acquaintances some time ago, prior to his hasty marriage to another woman. He reaches out to shake her hand, but only after his eyes glance up and down her body. His arrogance assures him that she secretly admires him and all that he has accomplished. He’s certain that she’s sorry about not giving him the chance he often wished and thought she should.

Brother Christian:

“Well, praise the Lord, Sister Christian. You’re looking mighty fine today! How is everything with you?”

In her heart she believes that he is trying to smooth talk her again. Even though she isn’t as charismatic as he is, she’s overly confident that her ethics are above reproach, unlike his.

Sister Christian:

“Why, I’m just blessed of the Lord, Brother Christian, and how about you and the lovely Mrs. Christian; is everything well?”

 Brother Christian:

“Oh yes, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we have finalized our plans to start our own church. I’m persuaded by many members here that they will come with us. I just know that the Lord will add even more wonderful saints to our ministry. Yes, my wife, and I are very blessed!”

Christian doesn’t blink as he looks into her eyes, positive that she is jealous to hear that Mrs. Christian is becoming a pastor’s wife so soon after marrying him. He smiles and holds her hand quite firmly as he gloats to himself thinking, Sister Christian already had her chance with me. Just maybe I might give her another opportunity to become a part of my personal ministry.

 Sister Christian:

“What great news Brother Christian, she replies, “Isn’t it uplifting to be accomplishing the work of the Lord? My ministry too has increased. I’m finally about to record that musical CD you and I used to discuss. The saints tell me how wonderfully gifted I sing, and it humbles me. Even so, it’s encouraging to know that whenever I sing with the choir, many come to the altar, and get delivered! Hallelujah!”

In her heart she’s certain of his thoughts and hopes that he can read her eyes, “Not a chance in hell, my Brother!” He has no clue that her circle of friends has already told her everything about him and his wife. Sister Christian assures herself that she would never want to be that insecure, hysterical little twit who rushed to marry him, just to validate herself.
Sister Christian smiles; she’s heard the rumors. So many little tidbits flying around here and there; wonder what his wife would think of her confidants now?

“Why, Brother Christian,” she sweetly states as she brushes the dandruff off his collar, “I do believe that I see Mrs. Christian looking for you.”

He whirls around thinking his wife is coming near, and then regains his composure.

Brother Christian:

“Oh! Is my lovely wife looking for me? You know, Sister Christian, my wife is such a blessing and an attribute to my ministry. You take care now, and Lord bless!” Turning to walk away, he mutters something about Sister Christian under his breath.

 Just as he leaves to locate his wife, the beautiful and young Miss Christian abruptly greets him. She has been eagerly waiting her turn to speak to him. She lingers in his handshake as he gently holds her hands, and they briefly talk.