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The Great Mysterious Adventure

featuring Jan and Denetria - A Story of Diversity

Best friends, Jan and Denetria, ages 10, live in San Francisco, CA. They love to collect stuffed animals and read books. Denetria loves mysteries and Jan loves adventures! Rumors are rampant at school about strange noises in Golden Gate Park, near the corners of Fulton and Stanyan streets. Further than they’re allowed to bike, they decide to go on their own Great Mysterious Adventure! They soon discover a clever mystery about diversity in life! How will they get anyone to believe them, and what does the color blue have to do with it?​​

size 6x9


Our Skin Color Is Our Clothing  

"Field Trip to the Zoo"   featuring Jan and Denetria - A Story of Diversity 

What are the girls up to now? Learning the secret of Diversity in their last adventure, The Great Mysterious Adventure, Jan and Denetria use the field trip to the zoo to share the secret with their class in a special report. Their teacher Miss Marie, and a disobedient student who got lost at the zoo, help Jan and Denetria reveal the secret of Diversity to their classmates.

The Creation Story, Told by the Wise and Majestic Oak Tree, the Genesis Account

A scriptural, yet delightful and humorous rendition of the Biblical account of Creation.

While at a park, brothers, Jeremy and Jordan wait for their friends to play the only thing they care about - baseball. In particular Valerie and Kesha will be there too and they want to impress them for their praise. Abruptly, a noise from overhead causes the brothers to look up. The branches of the Oak tree loudly slap together, and the Oak tree yells, “Pay Attention!” Jeremy and Jordan are about to learn valuable lessons about Creation, and the true meaning of praise. They also learn amazing things about themselves!  Fun Worksheets Included.  It's a must read for children of all ages! 




size 6x9

size 6x9

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