Between the sheets of Black and White

Gray and Blue divide

ever spilt the Red life force;
The truth?
A shared bloodline.

Denise I. Griggs (c) 2010




The Great Mysterious Adventure, featuring Jan and Denetria - A Story of Diversity

Best friends, Jan and Denetria, ages 10, live in San Francisco, CA. They love to collect stuffed animals and read books. Denetria loves mysteries and Jan loves adventures! Rumors are rampant at school about strange noises in Golden Gate Park, near the corners of Fulton and Stanyan streets. Further than they’re allowed to bike, they decide to go on their own Great Mysterious Adventure! They soon discover a clever mystery about diversity in life! How will they get anyone to believe them, and what does the color blue have to do with it?​​

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​​​​​A Mulatto Slave, The Events in the Life of Peter Hunt 1844-1915

Peter Hunt (1844-1915) was an American Mulatto slave. His mother was a Mulatto slave, named America, and his father was their White plantation owner. Ironically, Peter and his family were enslaved in Mississippi in a town named Liberty.  After President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863, the following year, Peter joined the Union Army's newly formed United States Colored Troops (USCT), as a soldier during the Civil War.

Ms. Griggs allows Peter Hunt to tell his life story by using various resources such as oral family history, actual historical documents, Peter’s Army pension records, as well as her research of the political, cultural, and economic times before, during, and after slavery in America. In this book, the author uses the Works Projects Administration (WPA) format, to share how Peter and his family were resourceful, and sometimes devious, so they could survive the hostilities against them, even after they were emancipated.  

This story is an introduction to teens and young adults about the lives of many American families during the Civil War, Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the beginning of the 20th century. 

The story of Peter Hunt is a "must read" so that people may understand that life isn't always what it appears or is said to be.

Ironically, without knowing anything about him, one of Peter's Hunt's 2x great grandsons became the Mayor of the city that Peter and his relatives lived in after the Civil War.

2014-2015 UPDATE: Book led to the discovery of Peter Hunt's 2x & 3x great grandchildren who had never heard of him!

​- Bernice Bennett-National Research at the Archives and Beyond, Blog Talk Radio Interview

                 Searching for Truth - A Mulatto Slave 

​​- Antoinette Harrell - Blog Talk Radio Interview

​                 Nurturing Our Roots - A Mulatto Slave


Return to the Table  (for Older Teens & Adults)

A blunt 3-part play and frightening narration of the many misconceptions and attitudes found in irreverent leadership at a "fictional" church. Brother Christian, Mrs. Christian, and Sister Christian are members under the leadership of Pastor Christian. They are often in competition with one another; however, they consider it ministry.

The focus is on Brother Christian, who is conceited, but thinks it's charisma. He often abuses his wife, Mrs. Christian, both physically and spiritually. One particular Sunday, after quoting Psalm 23:5 "against her," he begins to take a nap, and hazily envisions the Shepherd of Psalm 23 - standing right in front of him! Next, he awakens in a dream state and is inside the valley of Psalm 23 heading toward the table of the Lord. He is deceived into believing that he can leave the table to be a bigger blessing on his own, only to have to fight his way out of a hellish maze. Will the Shepherd find him in time?  Will he be found dead or alive?

While reading Return to the Table, you must be careful not to confuse nor mistake him, or his counterpart, Sister Christian, with someone in your church.  Over 100 scriptures appear AS CHARACTERS, and are hidden throughout the story. Sometimes they are the exact opposite. Will you be able to identify them all? Alas...that too is between you and the Shepherd!


Children's Stewardship​ 

The Creation Story, Told by the Wise and Majestic Oak Tree, the Genesis Account
A scriptural, yet delightful and humorous rendition of the Biblical account of Creation.

While at a park, brothers, Jeremy and Jordan wait for their friends to play the only thing they care about - baseball. In particular Valerie and Kesha will be there too and they want to impress them for their praise. Abruptly, a noise from overhead causes the brothers to look up. The branches of the Oak tree loudly slap together, and the Oak tree yells, “Pay Attention!” Jeremy and Jordan are about to learn valuable lessons about Creation, and the true meaning of praise. They also learn amazing things about themselves!  Fun Worksheets Included.  It's a must read for children of all ages! 

(A great companion book to The Wise Steward Book, for Children Only!)

The Wise Steward Book - for Children Only!

Having trouble with your children understanding money? The Wise Steward Book, for Children Only! is just for that purpose. It is a great resource for parents to enhance training their children in the principles of wise money management. The book incorporates Biblical scriptures, universal principles, and corresponding actions. Perfect for home, Children's Church, schools, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School!

                                      (A great companion book to The Creation Story: Told by the Wise and Majestic Oak Tree)​                                     


Our Skin Color Is Our Clothing  

"Field Trip to the Zoo"   featuring Jan and Denetria - A Story of Diversity 

What are the girls up to now? Learning the secret of Diversity in their last adventure, The Great Mysterious Adventure, Jan and Denetria use the field trip to the zoo to share the secret with their class in a special report. Their teacher Miss Marie, and a disobedient student who got lost at the zoo, help Jan and Denetria reveal the secret of Diversity to their classmates.

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