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A Mulatto Slave,  The Events in the Life of Peter Hunt 1844-1915

Peter Hunt was an American slave. His life span was 1844-1915. He personally witnessed and was affected by many events in American history - Slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil War and the United States Colored Troops, Reconstruction, and Jim Crow laws. During Peter's lifetime, there were very important inventions, such as the telephone, airplane, and automobile.

In this book, Peter tells how he and his family had to be resourceful, and sometimes devious, in order to survive the hostilities against him and his family, and other slaves - even after they were finally free.  Using the WPA format, Peter tells his own story and how it impacted his family and a divided country.   

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2014-2015 UPDATE:  Book led to the discovery of Peter Hunt's 2x & 3x great grandchildren who had never heard of him!

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Return to the Table(for Older Teens & Adults)

A blunt 3-part play and frightening narration of the many misconceptions and attitudes found in irreverent leadership at a "fictional" church. Brother Christian, Mrs. Christian, and Sister Christian are members under the leadership of Pastor Christian. They are often in competition with one another; however, they consider it ministry.

The focus is on Brother Christian, who is conceited but thinks it's charisma. He often abuses his wife, Mrs. Christian, both physically and spiritually. One particular Sunday, after quoting Psalm 23:5 "against her," he begins to take a nap, and hazily envisions the Shepherd of Psalm 23 standing right in front of him! Next, he awakens and is inside Psalm 23, only to end up trying to fight his way out of a hellish maze. Is he dead or alive?

While reading Return to the Table, you must be careful not to confuse nor mistake him, or his counterpart, Sister Christian, with someone at your church! Over 100 scriptures are hidden in the story. Will you be able to identify them all?!

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Children's Stewardship Ministry-

The Creation Story, Told by the Wise and Majestic Oak Tree, the Genesis Account
A scriptural, yet delightful and humorous rendition of the Biblical account of Creation.

While at a park, brothers, Jeremy and Jordan wait for their friends to play the only thing they care about - baseball. In particular Valerie and Kesha will be there too and they want their praise. Abruptly, a noise from overhead causes them to look up. The branches of the Oak tree loudly slap together, and the Oak tree yells, “Pay Attention!” Jeremy and Jordan are about to learn valuable lessons about Creation, and the true meaning of praise and forgiveness. They also learn amazing things about themselves!  Fun Worksheets Included.  It's a must read for children of all ages! 

Also available in ebook

(A great companion book to The Wise Steward Book, for Children Only!)

The Wise Steward Book - for Children Only!

Having trouble with your children understanding basic money management principles? The Wise Steward Book, for Children Only! is just for that purpose. It is a resource to enhance training children in the principles of wise money management; incorporating Biblical scriptures, universal principles, and corresponding actions. Perfect for students at home, Children's Church, schools, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible Study!

(A great companion book to The Creation Story: Told by the Wise and Majestic Oak Tree)


size 6x9